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Old world jay from the Field Museum (project on behance)

Updated with a link to it & my other scientific illustration on behance

September  30   ( 148 )   via   +

Playing with colour and lines on an unfinished sketch of some leaves from the Field Museum

(project on behance)

September  13   ( 84 )   +

Foxglove, Wolfsbane, Cerbera Odollam, and Belladonna (x) | 2014

Part of the Poisons series

Each napkin features an intricately hand embroidered illustration of a flower which, if in one’s meal rather than decorating one’s serviette, would kill the consumer. These are part of an ongoing project that aims to juxtapose items from within the delicate feminine sphere- embroidered flowers, napkins suitable for a sit down dinner- with deadly poison, playing with femininity that becomes fatal within its own, outwardly dainty parameters.

September  10   ( 9 )   +

Stonehenge, 2014

Because when we told my friend Stonehenge was an old train station she believed us for months, until 20 minutes before we actually got there. She was disappointed she wouldn’t really be able to play train conductor, and we felt bad.

Old world jay from the Field Museum (project on behance)

May  4   ( 148 )   +

Polished, 2014 (x)

Polished is a would-be self portrait, acknowledging the part of me that wants to intentionally construct a facade of refined, socially approved femininity. It’s compulsive in nature and generally kept under wraps, but if given free reign, it would use hairspray and probably aim to marry rich.

April  17   ( 5 )   +

A highlighter and pen sketch for The Lovers tarot card, to start laying out some ideas

April  10   ( 3 )   +

A few scientific illustration drawings, all done at the Field Museum in the past 1-2 months.

March  9   ( 138 )   +

A work in progress, originally from my instagram. Some new comics/illustrations coming soon once I can photograph them properly!

February  15   ( 2 )   +

Cardinal comic-doodles. Pens, coloured pencil, and chalk. 2014

January  25   ( 2 )   +